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Brief Asante History

The Asante people constitute the largest of the various subgroups of the Akan tribe, who trace their origins partly to Bono-Manso and Techiman in the present-day Brong Ahafo Region.  Asantes constitute about 15% of all Ghanaians by birth, and about 30% of the total Akan population of some 8,563,000 in Ghana.  Asantes are located in the Ashanti Region, one of ten administrative regions of Ghana, whose capital is Kumasi

As a united people, the Asantes started with a nucleus of the Oyoko clan around Asantemanso.  After several years of subjugation by other empires, such as the Akwamu and the Denkyira, Asante eventually grew to become a very powerful empire founded by King Osei Tutu (1695-1719), after defeating the Denkyira King Ntim Gyakari during the battle of Feyiase.

The following videos tell the rest of the  Asante History.

The Reigning Asante King

The Reigning Asante Quuen

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